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A. List catalog number: Scott. (If other than Scott, specify catalog author)

B. State Condition Preference: NH, LH, Used: XF, VF, FVF, filler.
Give alternate choices if appropriate.

If your list of "wants" is bigger than your list of "haves", tell me what NOT to send, a monthly budget for shipments, and where to start.

C. Contact me by any of the following methods:


6547 Midnight Pass Rd. #89

Sarasota, FL. 34242

-- OR --

Call me at 941-349-0222 or

Email me


1.) All stamps listed are subject to prior sale. Since many stamps are one-of-a-kind I will make every effort to locate one for you within seven days of receipt of your order. You are encouraged to send alternate selections and you can specify maximum dollar purchase.

2.) Payment can be made by check or money order, payble to FRANK BACHENHEIMER, (in U.S. funds) or by VISA or MASTERCARD (min. $25.00). Always provide the exact spelling of your name as it appears on the card and all the other raised information including expiration date. If you have a concern about sending your credit card number via the internet, please call or fax it instead.

3.) Stamp want lists sent by phone or E-mail, where payment is being sent by mail, will be held seven days pending receipt of payment by check or money order.

4.) All stamps are FVF or better unless specified as otherwise in the price lists. Stamps requested in other than FVF or better condition (and not offered in the price list) may be available and every effort will be made to obtain them for you. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED so any stamp you receive which is not to your liking may be returned within 10 days (arrangements for longer consideration can be worked out) for full refund, exchange, or credit against future orders, at your option.

5.) On orders over $150.00--deduct 5%,over $250.00--deduct 10%.

6.) On orders up to $400, add $1.00. Orders over $400 are shipped certified mail. Please add $4.00. Requests for special handling and/or premium routing will be billed to you upon shipment. We suggest a minimum order amount of $25.

7.) Please feel free to request our extended payment plan which is available on all stamp orders over $500.00. Terms are 1/3 payment with order, 1/3 30 days later, and 1/3 60 days later. Purchase will be shipped immediately upon receipt of last payment. There is no charge for this service.

8.) Florida residents must include 7.00 % state sales tax .

9.) If you have special requests for stamps not offered in our lists please inquire. I may be able to locate them for you in a reasonable time period. or may even have them in stock even though those stamps don’t appear on my lists.


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