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Prices are subject to change from those shown, to reflect the most recent Scott catalog values.

From R1 to RZ18 and beyond

* 1st to 3rd Issues * Documentaries

* Dated "Reds" * Proprietaries

* Stock   Transfers * Dated "Greens" 

Future Delivery

* Wines * Beers * Fermented Juice

* Silver Tax * Match and Medicines

* Customs Consular* MotorVehicle

* Savings & War Savings * Marihuana

* Narcotics * Potato Tax * Boating  * Firearms

*Distilled Spirits *Playing Card* Telegraphs

* Rectification * CigaretteTube * Tobacco Sales


Spanish and US period Possessions Revenues can be found in their respective Possessions section.




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