Some stamps are one of a kind and may be out of stock when you place your order, while others which are not shown may have been added to my stock since this list was posted. Please inquire about your needs. You may request a scan of any stamp listed with a retai price exceeding $50.00.**= Never Hinged, *= Hinged, (*) No gum or No gum as issued, (o)= Used- cancelled, c.f.=Used- cancel free, c.c.= cut cancel, p.i.= perfin cancel or punch cancel, s.h.= staple hole. Stamps may be straight edge copies. Stamp conditions not described are FVF or better.

Updated 02/21

RL 1 X (o) 1-8, VF, set/8 200.00
RL 1 * LR corner, XF 125.00
RL 1 (o) VF, lt. cxl 1.00
RL 1 (o) VF 0.90
RL 1 c (o) VF/XF Roul.7 X-Rare 575.00
RL 2 (o) VF 2.25
RL 3 (o) VF lt. cxl 3.75
RL 4 (o) VF 5.00
RL 5 (o) VF 2.00
RL 5 (o) VF lt. cxl 2.25
RL 6 (o) VF, lt. Cxl 32.00
RL 6 (o) VF lt. cxl 27.50
RL 7 (o) VF 70.00
RL 8 (o) VF 85.00